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  1. How did we manage?

    Fin5 feedback questionnaire The aim of this questionnaire is to collect information on how we have succeeded in arranging the Fin5 orienteering week. The information…

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  2. No gps tracking on Friday

    You can do mistakes and nobody sees them. Be careful, gps guys are almost in Finland.

  3. How to arrive to the competition centre, if you are not living at Tahko holiday village?

    Remember to use walkway to the competition centre (marked in the map).

  4. Sprint event

    If you live at Tahko holiday village, you are allowed to: walk straight to the Piazza competition centre from your holiday house we recommend  you…

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  5. A couple of embargoed areas for sprint event

    Embargoed areas can be seen from the model map of the start.

  6. Embargoed areas of Tahkomäki – Fair Play

    It is allowed to use marked routes for mountain biking It is allowed to play frisbee golf at Tahkovuori DiscGolfPark. It is allowed to use…

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  7. More training

    Training possibilities  

  8. Forest thinning near start

    Forest thinning near start. Some thinning has been done in the forest near the start of Day 2. The thinning area is marked on the…

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  9. 1. stage: Rautavaara competition centre and starts

    Rautavaara competition centre Guide map to the starts Start times Results

  10. TrailO Bulletin 3 and start times published

    Kuopion Suunnistajat is organizing Fin5 orienteering week in July 2019. Fin5 is annual orienteering week from 2000 up to 4000 competitors. This time there will…

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