In Tahko, the selection of holiday homes is wide: there are private lakeside villas, semi-detached holiday homes, self catering townhouses and apartments, as well as all-inclusive hotel rooms. Inside all of our holiday homes, you will find quality accommodation with high standard of equipment. The self-catering apartments and houses have a fully equipped kitchen, audio and video systems, a private sauna and usually also a fireplace. Even some hotel rooms have a private sauna, which you can enjoy whenever you want.

Tahko has more than 800 holiday homes from lakeside villas to all-inclusive hotels and almost half of them are located less than 200 meters from a lake. Have fun checking out the many options!

We also have caravan sites, places for tents and accommodation in the school of Nilsiä.

Use codes to get the best prize. We will arrange a lottery for those you have booked accommodation with codes.  The prize is accommodation and training package for 6 persons in Tahko in the fall of 2019.


Break Sokos Hotel Tahko.

Use code BFINN5 when you book accommodation.

Room details.

Prices for accommodation in Break Sokos Hotel Tahko.


Tahko Spa

Book accommodation tel. 0600 550 147 or Use code Fin5 Tahko to get benefits.

Room details.

Prices for accommodation in Spa

Use this link for booking your accommodation from


Tahko Chalet – Golden Resort, Vietti, Ukko, Jormala

More information about accommodation

Prices and booking instructions for orienteers in Tahko Chalet – Golden Resort, Vietti, Ukko, Jormala



More information about accommodation Loma-Rantala. You can contact owner by email Use code Fin5-Rantala to get benefits.



Booking and more information about accommodation Tahko-Tours. You can also book accommodation by email. Contact To get benefits use code Fin5.

Information and prices (docx) for orienteers.


More information about accommodation will be available soon.