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The Finnish Orienteering Week in Tahko 14-19.7.2019


The Rautavaara airfield terrain is fast runnable pine forest with excellent visibility. There are depressions and ridges in certain parts of the competition area which will slow down navigation. The network of paths close to the airfield will help orienteers in the junior classes.












The Tahko sprint event will be held in the holiday resort area.

The terrain around Tahko mountain is detailed and demanding. The elevation differences will challenge competitors in the main competition classes. However, the paths around the ski slopes will ease navigation for orienteers in the junior and senior classes.


Classes, registration and distances

E=elite, A=normal class, AL=shortened distance, B=less demanding

TR are for kids with guiding strip marked to the map and terrain, but control points are not along the guiding strip

RR are for kids with guiding strip marked to the map and terrain, but control points are along the guiding strip



H21E, H21A, H21AL, H35A, H35AL, H40A, H40AL, H45A, H45AL, H50A, H50AL, H55A, H55AL, H60A, H60AL, H65A, H65AL, H70A, H70AL, H75, H80, H85, H90

H20E, H20A, H18E, H18A, H16E, H16A, H14A, H13A, H13-14B, H12, H12TR, H10RR, H9RR, H8RR


D21E, D21A, D21AL, D35A, D35AL, D40A, D40AL, D45A, D45AL, D50A, D50AL, D55A, D55AL, D60A, D60AL, D65, D70, D75, D80, D85

D20E, D20A, D18E, D18A, D16E, D16A, D14A, D13A, D13-14B, D12, D12TR, D10RR, D9RR, D8RR

perheRR (familyRR)

Open courses: A long A short B long B short C long C short



1) Via the IRMA registration system

2) Competitors from abroad can register via the IRMA registration system or by email: Further information available on the event website:

3) Pre-registration for the whole week of open courses by 1.7.2019 using the form on the website or via IRMA. Registration is also possible on-site at the competition centre.


Entry fees


Competition village

The competition village is located in the Tahko holiday resort. The competition office is in Tahko. The following services are available in the competition village: information point, hotels, spa, apartments, restaurants, shops, outdoor adventure companies, orienteering equipment shops, sales and demonstration points. Further details:



The parking areas are located 0,1-1.0 km from the competition centres. There will be a bus service to the Rautavaara airfield (stages 1 & 2). Parking vouchers can be purchased from the Tahko competition office and the information points in the competition centres. Payment of parking fees will be checked on exit. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the parking areas. Parking is only permitted in the parking areas designated by the event organizers.


Competition centres

The competition centres are located at Rautavaara airfield and Tahko. The first two stages take place on fast forest terrain. The third sprint stage is in the village of Tahko. The final two stages are on Tahko mountain.

The competition centres have the following services: information point, first-aid, signposts, canteen, cafeteria and kiosk services, washing facilities and toilets. For other services please see the event website.



The Competition Centres offer a ‘Muksula’ childminding facility with professional childminding services for children over 12 months. The childminding fee includes a snack of juice and fruit. Registration via email to When registering, please give the following details: child’s name, age, days of participation, possible allergies, guardian’s name and telephone number.

Children who have not been registered in advance will only be accepted subject to the availability of childminding staff.



The Tahko holiday resort is located in the centre of Finland. It is in the town of Nilsiä approximately 65 km northeast from Kuopio. Kuopio airport is the nearest airport, approximately 50 km away. The nearest railway station is approximately 40 km away in Siilinjärvi. The distance to the centre of Nilsiä is 10 km.

Distances to Tahko from:

Kuopio 65 km, 44 mins

Oulu 280 km, 3hrs 27 mins

Tampere 357 km, 4 hrs 24 mins

Vaasa 390 km, 4 hrs 54 mins

Helsinki 435 km, 5 hrs 31 mins

Turku 507 km, 6 hrs 21 mins

Services in the area: