1. stage: Rautavaara competition centre and starts

Rautavaara competition centre

Guide map to the starts

Start times


TrailO Bulletin 3 and start times published

Kuopion Suunnistajat is organizing Fin5 orienteering week in July 2019. Fin5 is annual orienteering week from
2000 up to 4000 competitors. This time there will be five foot competition in six days. For the first time ever
compete in TrailO is also possible. In TrailO five competitions will be run in four middle days of the week. Even
better you can participate for both because there is no overlap on schedule. You are welcome to come and have
fun with world class TrailO-competitors.

Bulletin 3


Start times published

Start times for competition classes are published.

When the start lists are published, an online service will be available for AL category competitors to register a free start time for the events he/she is entitled to take part in. For example, this gives parents the possibility to help their children at the start. 

  • The start interval in these classes is one minute and the start time must be booked for the time when the start is active. 
  • It is only possible to book a start time that is free. The quicker you are the more choice!
  • You sign in with your licence number and Emit number.
  • You can not see other names or numbers, only the start times that are still available. 

On the evening before the contest the system is closed at 19:00. After this, the competitors who have not booked a time will receive a time given by the system. The start procedures on the competition day follow those of the other classes. 

If you have problems booking a start time please contact


Embargoed areas of Tahkomäki – Fair Play

It is allowed to use marked routes for mountain biking

It is allowed to play frisbee golf at Tahkovuori DiscGolfPark.

It is allowed to use Tahko stairs and chairlift to take a ride to the top of  Tahkomäki.

It is allowed to enjoy the view from Pehkubar and Panorama Bar.

Avoid other activity in embargoed areas. 


English version of the competition instructions are at the end of…

Kisaopas (pdf)

Over 20 nationalities! To check your entry…

Here are the list of all entries for Fin5. Entry for competition classes has been ended. Please check from Irma (if possible), that your Emit number is correct!


Competiton classes

Open courses (Only 5 days entries can be seen from Irma. You don’t have to inform your Emit card number beforehand.) Open courses are still available.


Welcome to Tahko!

Lets go with the bus

It is possible to use bus transportation in Fin5. Bus transportation is possible between Nilsiä school accommodation, Rautavaara airfield and Tahko holiday centre. Transportation is also for orienteers accommodating Aholansaari island. Prices are 15 € / day and family price (2 adults + 2 children) 50 € for the week. You can buy bus tickets from FIN5Shop. Pick up your tickets from competition Info.

Bus stops (Google Maps) and timetable.


Fin5 Kuopio-Tahko in the nutshell

Fin5 Kuopio-Tahko in the nutshell. (Pdf)

How to register to Fin5?

Here you can find, how to join us in Fin5 Kuopio-Tahko?

Don´t hesitate to ask. We have the answer for you.

Finland – have you ever been?

Fin5 is an excellent chance to visit the happiest country in the world.

During your stay, you can breath the cleanest air.

We care for our environment.

Welcome to Fin5 Kuopio-Tahko!